Pre-Columbian Stone Sphere from Costa Rica

* The information was taken from National Museum, click here for details.

These stones were made by the precolumbian people from southern of Costa Rica. It has been proposed that they were symbols of social standing, power and ethnic identity.

Many of them have been found in linear, semicircular and triangular alignments. In the main villages, particulary those placed at the Diquis Delta, these spheres were located in open areas or associated to principal residences. Isolated spheres have been interpreted as territorial or special place markers.

It has been also proposed that they could have functioned as mnemonic objects because of their possible association with celestial phenomena such as solstices, equinoxes and constellations linked to the agricultural cycle of theirs beliefs, something not yet verified because of the alteration or removal.

For more details, you can see more information here: "Esferas de piedra de Zona Sur atraen interés mundial".

The photographs were taken at the National Museum by L. Herrera.